Dramatic reductions in federal funding for medical research could go into effect soon. Tell your members of Congress to protect Alzheimer's research!

Last year, we began to change the intolerable, "business-as-usual" approach to Alzheimer's disease in Washington.
Read the letter from our founders, George and Trish Vradenburg.

Last night, we also went to the Phillips Collection for a one-time-only reading of Surviving Grace for UsAgainstAlzheimer’s. We snapped the non-profit’s founder George Vradenburg, attorney Susan De Mars, Partnership for Brighter Tomorrows founder Annie Totah, actress Marilu Henner (Taxi) and husband Michael Brown.

The play’s author Trish Vradenburg and Amano owner Adam Mahr, during the pre-show cocktail hour, are with WAMU’s Diane Rehm, part of the celeb cast of readers. The night raised $150k.

Trish Vradenburg discusses her play "Surviving Grace," which is being performed at the Phillips Collection in Washington this week:

View more videos at:

The July 4 news story “To revive his 2012 bid, Gingrich is finding his niches” highlighted a fundamental misunderstanding in American politics and culture today.

There’s nothing niche about Alzheimer’s, a cruel disease that afflicts one in three American families and one in eight Americans over age 65.


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